Toolkits for developing Hybrid Apps.

In the previous post I described about the difference between Native Apps, Web Apps, and Hybrid Apps. So if I opt for Hybrid Apps, how can I start the development?. Here is the start, with the toolkit’s required for developing Hybrid Apps.

Hybrid Apps are developed partly with the native development environment and partly in WEB language (HTML5).These are native apps with embedded HTML. They have most of the benefits of native apps. Like native apps, they live in an app store and can take advantage of the many device features available (including GPS, camera, gestures, and notifications)

The HTML, CSS and JavaScript can be developed using some of the same tools used to ​develop web apps, but you’ll probably want to use a mobile JavaScipt framework (such as jQuery Mobile), and then you’ll need a tool to take all that code and turn it into a mobile app. Converting web app into a mobile app is accomplished by wrapping the HTML, CSS and JavaScript inside a special container: usually the “web view” component provided by the standard mobile SDKs, along with some extra bits, such as JavaScript APIs to give the developer access to device features that the web view component doesn’t provide (e.g. access to the device’s GPS, camera, gestures, and notifications). Some of these wrappers expect you to use their mobile JavaScript framework, whereas others let you use whatever JavaScript framework you prefer.

Toolkit’s available : 

– Adobe AIR for HTML/JS Developers
– Alpha Anywhere
– AMPchroma
– IBM Worklight
– Intel XDK (formerly appMobi)
– KonyOne
– PhoneGap / Apache Cordova (probably the most widely used)
– Sencha Touch 2​
– Spot Specific
– The M Project

PhoneGap / Apache Cordova is so widely used that there are services where you can upload your HTML, CSS and JavaScript, they use PhoneGap to package it into apps for various OSes, then they send the packaged apps back to you.

– appMobi PhoneGap XDK (also a web-based IDE)
– Application Craft (also a web-based IDE)
– Icenium
– Nomad (a Visual Studio extension)
– PhoneGap Build
– Tiggzi (also a web-based IDE)

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