Javascript engine and Google V8

A JavaScript engine is specialized computer software which interprets and executes JavaScript and commonly used in web browsers.

Here is the list of the JavaScript engine’s used by major browsers :

Mozilla Firefox : SpiderMonkey, TraceMonkey (v3.5), JagerMonkey (v4), IonMonkey (v18), OdinMonkey (v22)
Google Chrome : V8
Opera : Futhark(v10.10),  Carakan(10.50), V8 (v14)
Safari : JavaScriptCore or Nitro

Among all Google’s V8 is the fastest one and here is a little info about it : 

The V8 JavaScript Engine is an open source JavaScript engine developed by Google for the Google Chrome web browser. At its core it is a JavaScript interpreter but it is being pushed very aggressively for performance. Recent benchmarks have put its speed ahead of PHP, Ruby and Python.

Features : 
It is high performance JavaScript engine written in C++.
It is fast as it compiles JavaScript directly into native assembly. while others interpret javascript to a bytecode to be executed. This means there is no interpretation.
It has the flexibility to be able to be used client or server side.
It can also be found in MongoDb (version 2), Node.js and many other powerful and popular applications.
It is open source so anyone can download the source code and develop a C++ or javascript application using the power of the V8.

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