Apache Cordova before and after v3.0

Apache Cordova before and after v3.0

Apache Cordova (http://cordova.apache.org) is a free, open source framework for building cross-platform native applications using HTML5.
Recently developers of Cordova released v3.0 which is the major update as it is very different from the previous versions. Here are some of the major differences I came to know :

Before 3.0

  • Cordova application included JavaScript and native code for every Cordova API
  • If your application didn’t use all of the available APIs, you still had the code in your application for the APIs you weren’t using.
  • Can seperate unused APIs from the JavaScript library and the native container, but that is not easy.
  • Use of IDE plugins (on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone) and command-line tools (on Android and BlackBerry).
  • Start building the app with one of the supported platforms, write the appropriate web content, then package and test the application using the selected platform’s SDK. 
  • Once you had it all working correctly, you would copy the web content over to a new project for one of the supported platforms and repeat the process. 
  • Little consistency in project folder structure – framework JavaScript files names are different across mobile device platforms.
  • Build process is different across mobile device platforms.

After 3.0

  • Cordova APIs has been broken out into separate plugins.
  • Cordova plugin manager (plugman) to add and remove plugins from your Cordova project.
  • Cordova development team scrapped the IDE plugins and implemented a Node JS based command-line interface for projects across a wider range of supported mobile device platforms.
  • Command-line tools to create new projects, manage (add, remove, list, update) plugins, and build then test applications using the device emulators and simulators.
Apache Cordova before and after v3.0

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