Cordova/PhoneGap app not working on iOS 8.0 Beta (resolved)

Cordova/PhoneGap app and iOS 8.0 Beta

While testing the Cordova/PhoneGap App in iOS8.0 simulator on XCode 6 beta, I found that there is a known issue in the software due to which Cordova/Phonegap Apps are broken.

Issue is mentioned here at the bottom of the page under “WebKit Known Issues” :

This issue is also reported on Apache Cordova site at :

Some alternative solutions to the issue are listed here :

So Cordova/PhoneGap App cannot be tested on the iOS8.0 beta before a stable release of the software.

18/06/2014 Update : Xcode beta2 released and it also have the same issue.

08/07/2014 Update : Xcode beta3 released and issue is resolved now.

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