Installing multiple versions of browser on one machine

Installing multiple versions of browser on one machine

Cross-browser testing of web pages is a biggest pain in the career of a User Interface developer. It is a necessary step that usually involves the use of multiple computers. This article share a method to do Cross-browser testing by installing multiple version of same browser on one machine.

IE 6 (the real pain ;-)): 
Download and install Virtual Box 
Download the IE6 XP image for VirtualBox from the modern.IE website. 
Import the XP image file to VirtualBox.

modern.IE – Cross-Browser IE Testing Tools Suite 
Microsoft recently started providing a free service called modern.IE.
modern.IE is an undertaking my Microsoft to make cross-browser testing for the Internet Explorer browsers easier. Microsoft has created modern.IE to provide developers and designers with a suite of tools to facilitate IE browser testing.
IE offers is a virtualization image of each browser from IE 6 to IE 10, which can be run on virtualization software like VirtualBox, Virtual PC, Hyper-V or VMWare Player on Windows, Mac or Linux.
Additionally, modern.IE also provides a tool which scans your web page for common coding problems and lists them out for you to correct so that they display correctly in all IE versions.

Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection.
Firebug, the Web Developer toolbar and Flash are also included.

All installers are available on Opera
Multiple versions can be installed side-by-side without any problems. 
During the installation, choose “Custom”, and a different directory.
On installation, also choose to use the same profile for all users.
Important preference: Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Security > Do not check for updates.

Stand-alone installers can be downloaded from File Hippo.
It is also possible to run multiple Chrome versions side-by-side.

Support on Windows has been discontinued. The last supported Safari version on Windows is 5.1.7; you need a Mac or an OS X VM to test your sites in newer Safari versions.
Download other versions from Oldapps

Other free online services:

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