Installing PhoneGap in Windows

Installing PhoneGap in Windows

Do you want to migrate from PhoneGap V2.9 or below to V3.0 or above? or Do you want to try the latest PhoneGap 3.5 Command Line tools or Do you just want to start learning PhoneGap?. This article will help you to do it by completing the first step towards PhoneGap V3.X, which is installing PhoneGap on Windows Machine as the process includes installation of many required libraries which are not mentioned in the PhoneGap Website.

Follow these steps to Install PhoneGap in Windows
  1. Install Node
  2. Install JDK (JDK V7 for Win7, and JDK V8 for Win8)
  3. Install Git 
  4. Install Ant 
  5. Setup Environment Variables :
    New system variable “JAVA_HOME” to <path to Java sdk folder>
    New system variable “ANT_HOME” to <path to ant folder>
    Add to existing system variable “path” : %JAVA_HOME%bin;%ANT_HOME%bin
  6. Install PhoneGap from Command prompt:
    npm install -g phonegap
    If you get any error starting with “npm ERR! Error: ENOENT“, open cmd prompt with administrator rights.

For Android Development:

  1. Install Eclipse ADT  (Note : for win8 32bit/64bit install 32bit ADT)
  2. Setup Environment Variables :
    Add to existing system variable “path” : <path to adt-bundlesdktools>;<path to adt-bundlesdkplatform-tools>

For Windows 8 Development:

  1. Windows OS 8 Machine is required
  2. Install Windows Phone SDK 8.0 

For Windows 8.1 Development :

  1. Windows OS 8.1 Machine is required
  2. Install Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 with Update 2 for Windows 

PhoneGap V3.0 and later includes a CLI (Command Line Interface) that provides a suite of commands a developer can use to manage the complete lifecycle of an application.
know more about the CLI commands and their usage.

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