Creating a jQuery popup with an overlay

Create a basic popup and overlay with minimal styling and without any additional settings using jQuery/HTML and CSS.

Creating Overlay using HTML and CSS : 
Overlay is a container with some translucent background color which cover the whole page and user is unable to click on any functional part of the site below it.


<div id="overlay"></div>


#overlay {
display:none; /*hidden on pageload*/
position:fixed; /*this will disable it from scrolling*/
width:100%; /*this will give the full width*/
height:100%; /*this will give the full height*/
z-index:999; /*this will keep it above all elements in the page*/
left:0; /*this will align it to the left*/
top:0; /*this will align it to the top*/
background:#000; /*this will give it a black background*/

Creating Popup using HTML and CSS : 


<div class="popup" id="popup1">
<a href="#" class="close">X</a>
this is a demo popup


.popup {
display:none; /*hidden on pageload*/
width:200px; /*width of popup*/
height:200px; /*height of popup*/
padding:10px; /*padding for popup*/
background:#fff; /*background of popup*/
border:1px solid #000; /*border of popup*/
position:absolute; /*this will keep it relative to the body*/
z-index:9999; /*this will keep it above the overlay*/
top:50%; /*keep popup in center*/
left:50%; /*keep popup in center*/
margin-left:-110px; /*keep popup in center (it is the - total width / 2)*/
margin-top:-110px; /*keep popup in center (it is the - total height / 2)*/
.popup .close { /* close link*/
text-decoration:none;/*remove underline from the close link*/
.popup p { /*popup text*/
padding:10px 0;

Creating button to trigger the popup with overlay :

<a href="#" class="displayPopup">Display Popup</a>

Creating Functionality using jQuery: 

$(function() { //document ready
$(".displayPopup").on("click", function() { //click event of the button
$("#overlay").fadeTo(100, .3); //this will show the overlay awith a crossbrowser transparency
$("#popup1").show(); // show popup1
return false; //disable event propogation (avoid addition of "#" to url)

$(".popup .close").on("click", function() { //click event of the close button in popup
$("#overlay").hide(); //hide overlay
$(".popup").hide(); //hide popup
return false; //disable event propogation (avoid addition of "#" to url)

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