Facebook integration in PhoneGap Android App

There are lots of plugin available for integrating Facebook in PhoneGap, however it is not a simple process, a successful integration needs many configurations to be done in the app as a first step.

This article will help in implementing the configurations needed to integrate Facebook in PhoneGap Android App.

If you have already created the PhoneGap app then skip Step1.

  1. Create a PhoneGap Android App.
  2. Create an App in Facebook.
  3. Generate a key hash for Facebook integration with android.
  4. Add generated key hash to Facebook App.
  5. Download a zip file of PhoneGap Facebook Connect plugin and extract.
  6. Browse to the project folder in command prompt and run
    cordova -d plugin add <path to the extracted PhoneGap Facebook Connect folder> –variable APP_ID=”<Facebook App ID >” –variable APP_NAME=”<Facebook App Name>”
  7. Now we can use available API commands in our code like FB Login, FB Logout, FB Get Status, FB Show Dialog, FB Graph API etc
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